D-Day is 90 mins away. How amazing is it that it is on Canada Day!?!?! It is 10:30 pm here on the East coast and things are looking more muddy by the minute. 3 deals are "Offically Breaking"... and they all involve Chris Bosh. WHA?!?! Way to go guys, great journalism. Chicago (The band sucks) is now offering Deng, and a sources says it is offical! One problem, another source is saying Bosh will be wearing shorts and sun block on the South Beach strip come this fall. Now get on this, only one rumour is up on NBA.com; "BOSH TO LAKERS???!?!?!?!?!?!?!" What is going on?!?!?! Will Bosh be in Hollyweird or not?!?! If he is, he can finally live out his dream of being a self-centered show monkey! And we get Odom or Bynum or both. Tell you what, throw in Kim Kardashin and you have a deal LA. Better yet, throw in Phil Jackson and a side of fries!

Peace and Love To All, see you on the other side of July 1!