and it's hurting my head can we not make this into one giant bosh rumours thread. i mean this is ridiculous the entire page!

bosh is going here ther and every where and toronto is getting this that and the other in return which really isn't anything to get excited at.

sure bosh is gone. but, we can';t move on with calderon and turkoglu sill here. (i don't know is it just me or has turkoglu seemed like he's been on the raptors for years?)

feelings of excitement,sadness,intriguement,anger. i never realized that sending your best player to another team could be so intriguing.

c'mon, what are we getting back nobody of interest and depending on what can be done with the possible trade exception we are getting draft picks for... the future which clearly means we are still going to be in mediocrity for a while.

newsflash, nothing different is happening.if anything we are plummeting down before rising up. i just know that it's going to be an interesting season.

so with nothing new happening to this organization i don't understand why we are reading into every bosh rumour when we should be looking into where guys like dirk,pierce,lbj,wade are going and if you get stoudemire and johnson in new york they have 1st in the atlantic.

but, on the bright side it looks like we'll be back shalacking boston. allen's gone,pierce is gone, garnett won't want to hang around, i don't know what they are going to do to avoid mediocrity.