First off, where and when did Hedo get the "Mr. 4th Quarter" title? Was it because of his clutch shooting in last year's playoffs, or was it from times before that I just can't remember?

Clearly with Hedo it was the fact that when playing in Orlando he was surrounded by much better personnel. Meaning way less pressure to perform because you have other players like Howard, Lewis and Nelson that defence's have to worry about.

Now in Toronto the pressure couldn't be any bigger which is why we could be seeing him crumble this season. Look at this summer with the Turkish National Team. Although Turkey did well in the summer championships, Hedo was the focal point on the team and yet he was invisible. There was talk that he was fighting injuries, but could his regression in his game be because he can't play under pressure like most think he can?

Was his 5 year, $50+ million dollar contract a result of being a "good player" on an even better team? I mean, he's a career 12 ppg player. Sure he averaged 19 ppg 2 years ago, but Mike James also averaged 20 ppg for the Raptors 4 years ago too which doesn't say much.

So, how badly do we regret not re-signing Marion this summer? One, he would of come alot cheaper than Hedo and two, he'd hopefully be that consistent defensive presence we're so desperate to have right now.