For those wondering how the Heat could build a team with 3 max players like in Bosh, LeBron & Wade (ala Team Trinity) Hollinger from ESPN breaks it down this afternoon. (Because this is an ESPN Insider article I can't post more guys & gals)

LeBron, Wade and Bosh.

The dream of every team in the free-agent chase is to unite those three All-Stars on one roster, creating a powerhouse trio unlike any the league has ever seen and seemingly ensuring a steady stream of championship parades in the coming years.

There's just one little catch for Team Trinity, regardless of the city the esteemed trio plays in: assembling the rest of the squad.

Putting three superstars together via free agency requires a full-on roster evisceration that would make even the 1999 Bulls shudder. Miami, for instance, is pursuing the trio by working a sign-and-trade of its last three contracted players to Toronto for Chris Bosh. If successful, the Heat could have a roster of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Bosh and 10 empty slots that could be filled only with second-round draft choices and minimum-wage contracts.
And here's the example he gives with those 10 other roster spots:


An example of 10 veteran players who signed for the minimum last year. (Team Trinity would need to sign 10 to meet the league's roster minimum.)

Pos. Player 2009-10 PER

G Anthony Carter 10.34
G C.J. Watson 13.88
G Devin Brown 10.06
G Quinton Ross 3.04
F Rodney Carney 12.72
F Joey Graham 10.62
F Josh Powell 6.77
F Joe Smith 11.29
C D.J. Mbenga 11.63
C Theo Ratliff 10.28
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