The Raptors now have 10 players under contract, 12 if you include their two draft picks

2010-11 Salaries
Johnson------5,500,000 - Est for 2010-11 Based on 10.5% Ann Increases
Davis---------1.599.300----Rookie scale for 2010-11 13th pick
Tot 12 Players-----$53,925,450
Salary Cap Amt-----56,100,000
Amt Under Cap------2,174,550

What I see happening
1. Turk will not get traded
2. Calderon will not get traded unless it is for a better point guard.
3. Evans and Banks who are in the last year of their contracts will not get traded unless one or both can be packaged with Calderon or unless they are moved at the trade deadline
4. No one else will get traded.
5. Bosh will walk to Miami without a S&T,

I see one possible trade for the Raptors Calderon and Evans total 2010-11 salaries of $14,080,000 for CP3 total 2010-11 salary of 14,940,152. The money matches and the Hornets could probably buy out Evans and save about $4 million in salary in 2010-11. They are in a cost cutting mode. Both Calderon and CP3's contracts expire in 2012-13 and in that year CP3 will make about $7 million more than Calderon so this deal would allow the Hornets to get a good PG and save millions in salaries over the next several years.

Assuming that the Calderon and Evans for CP3 deal is not made I think that most likely Calderon and Evans will be with the team come November.

The Raptors would then probably add a MLE player and either Dorsey or some other minimum salary player.

So bottom line other than moving Calderon and Evans for CP3 and the signing of a MLE player and minimum salary player I see the Raptors roster as being pretty well set.

The chances of me being correct on this is probably infinity to zero but what the heck, everyone else here has posted their idea of what will happen so I thought I would see if my luck continues on after calling the Johnson signing.