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Thread: Bosh Meeting with Knicks Lasted 2hrs 40min...

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    Quote drizz wrote: View Post
    Wade also came out of a 2hr meeting with the Knicks and was "intrigued" .

    The Knicks are up to something.
    Stock options in Comcast.

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    Quote AJM wrote: View Post
    Well Knicks had two full seasons to prepare themselves for these meeting; they had enough time to build a rocket let alone preparing for a meeting with Bosh.
    You made me laugh milk out of my nose!

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    Default Avg. Life of this Car

    First, Im new to this forum and glad to be here.
    I've been simply reading on this forum without any posts for the past 2 years.

    Avg. Life of this Car (this car named BOSH)

    This may be a rumor or actual information: But please consider the following:

    1) The Bosh sports Car was the hotest prior to the Allstar break
    2) Something happend to this car, where the car didnt perform as well after the Allstar Break
    3) The Owners of the Bosh Car-- through exper mechanics calculated that this car at most has 2 good years left in it. Thus keep it if the value is good. If not, let it go.

    THE RESALE VALUE OF THE BOSH SPORTS CAR is truly known only by its original owners;

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    lmao the Knicks. This guy is a such a diva. Soft twitter whore.

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