We finished dead last in pre season 3pt percentage. I consider that odd since jose, bargs, and hedo are good to very good 3pt shooters. Jack and Belli off the bench can also hit it (supposedly?)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but was the friday game in dakota the first time we actually tried to bomb from downtown? 2/20 or something like that? That is unacceptable.

Me, I think it is a personnel thing...we lack penatrating guards, a back to the basket big man (for easy kick outs) and a corner shooter. Someone on realgm pointed out that we are missing AP's corner 3pt prowess. It is one of the most efficent shots in basketball and really helps with spacing. Our spacing has been terrible with all of our players perimeter orientated, and perfering the top 3pt shot at that.

I just don't think any system can be designed with the kind of players we have to get the desired open 3pt looks.