As Doug mentions in his blog this morning, this is on BC to fix. Time for him to step up and earn those millions he makes. Hurting ones feelings has to be thrown to the wayside now. Clearly the tip-toeing approach around one another hasn't worked for this team, so its time for someone to intervene and start being more vocal and making ultimatums.

I donít know what, precisely, that Bryan can do because I donít think he can go in the locker room and start ripping guys w foithout it being seen as a blatant undermining of his coach.

But this has to be primarily on him, he put this group together and heís got to get it fixed. Maybe a few threats here and there, judiciously made either in cahoots with his coach or to people close to under-achieving players is in order.

But to think he can magically place a call or two and make some significant trade now is folly. It doesnít happen that way.

Other GMs arenít lining up to obtain players from a 7-13 team, certainly not for anything close to equal value, and as perhaps we remember from 2004, a panic trade is a stupid trade.

Maybe the best thing is for Jay to do something to change the lineup and for Colangelo to stand by him and let the players know in no uncertain terms that heís with his coach and if feelings are hurt and playing time cut, well, tough noogies.
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