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Thread: 2nd half defensive stops?

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    Default 2nd half defensive stops?

    Thankfully I haven't watch the 2nd half of many games this season (I've listened to them on the radio) because opposing teams are scoring at will against us after halftime.

    On a statistical note, I don't think that the Raps have stopped more than 5% of their 2nd half defensive stances during this loosing streak.

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    True, 2nd halves have been the death of us, but those bad 2nd half defensive performances are slowly making there way to the 1st half now too. It was ever so evident last night when we gave up 75 points in the 1st half alone.

    Raptors just have to simplify things on defence. They're overthinking things right now and it seems like its now drawn some form of paranoia amongst the players. I'm also big on them being alot more patience on offense and not rushing things as fast as they have. That way by controlling the clock on offense, your also limiting the touches the opposing team gets. Raps are still shooting the ball within the first 8 to 12 seconds of over 75% of their possessions. Slow things down and be a little more patient.

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