Man i would love to see Nash up North for the remainder of his career. This guy is a two time league MVP, which is mind blasting. He's Canadian, which is mind blowing. He probably would like to play/end his career here, which is different from 90 percent of the league.

I think it would be nice to grab Nash from the Suns, for Jose Calderon, Marcus Banks, and maybeeeeee cash considerations. This way the suns get an expiring contract in MB and a solid PG to fill the void left by Nash. And we finally get to have Captian Canada up north. This should be a no brainer, the only Canadian franchise in the NBA getting a two time league MVP from CANA-DUH!! anwyways check this out.

in the word's of waka floka flame.. O let's do it!
lol just kidding about the waka reference the guy is a tool. (just like 95% of the hip hop music industry)