This is a really cool article Belsius from RF found yesterday.

Waiting for Godunk: My Tryout with My Hometown 76ers

Last year I had the fortunate experience of being invited to work out with the 76ers. I had worked out with them earlier in the summer and had impressed enough to be invited back a few weeks before training camp. After the first workout I was flying pretty high. I felt I had done well and was really developing as a player. I was certain that with my improvements I could get a job anywhere in Europe.
And there was Reggie.

Now, I have played some strong people and I have played some quick people, but I have never played anyone as strong and as quick as him. No matter where I went, he was there. If I ran the floor. he was running next to me. If I made a post move, he was doing everything he could to stop me. I felt like I was playing in the NBA Finals. But that is Reggie. Guys like that will always have a place in the league. They out-work everyone, they out-hustle everyone and they out-rebound everyone.
I think we'll forever wonder what could have been had Reggie Evans been healthy at the start of this season.