Most of them- S&T with Rockets

Andy R in Houston TX:
What is Morey got up his sleeve if bosh does not come to houston. Is there a plan B. What do you think about Al Jefferson with the rockets.

Bill Ingram:
That's a good question . . .they remain confident that they'll get Bosh, but I've been told they did finally reach out to Minny about Jefferson after not doing so at first. I like Big Al quite a bit, but I don't know how much of an upgrade he is over Scola. I'd rather bring in a center if they're not going to get Bosh. They need someone to take over when Yao gets hurt again.

Peter in Vancouver:
I heard that the rox offered Battier, Ariza & Scola for Bosh but the raps turned it down. Is there any truth to that? I think its too much to give up Batt and Ariza. More like, Batt/Ariza, Scola and a NY pick would make more sense.

Bill Ingram:
That's what the rumored offer is, though I haven't heard that the Raptors turned it down. They can't do anything until the 8th . . .they're waiting to hear what all the offers are, I'm sure.

Terrence Johnson in Houston tx:
What r the rockets doing, any more moves coming soon. There's more free agents other than bosh.

Bill Ingram:
The Rockets are also talking to Brad Miller, who would be a great pick-up, and seeing what they might get in a S&T fpr Scola. They've had a conversation about Al Jefferson, and I'd be surprised if they haven't talked to Utah about Boozer. Speaking of Utah, Okur would be fabulous in Adelman's system . . .

jimbo in htown:
whats happening with BOSh are the rockets going to get him if yes for who?

Bill Ingram:
That's one of the million-dollar questions . . .he hasn't come close to deciding . . .

Pat in Indianapolis:
Pacers going after anyone? Maybe send Granger to Dallas for Dampier and Jones?

Bill Ingram:
I love Danny, but the Mavs really don't need a third starting small forward . . .When the Pacers took Paul George I assumed Granger was gone, but I have been told by both Granger's camp and the Pacers that they aren't shopping him. Right now they're talking to every point guard they can find . . .Lowry and Farmar, most recently. (Jose???)

Joseph in Austin,Tx:
I am a long time Rockets fan and I do not want Amare. I'd take him for the right price but not if they have to trade good players and pay him max money. Am I crazy?

Bill Ingram:
I think we're going to find out how much of Amar'e success was based on playing with Steve Nash . . .If Rudy Gay is a max player, Amar'e is, too, but the Rockets weren't giving up a lot at the deadline . . .Battier is an important piece, but other than that it was first round picks. I'd go Scola and Ariza for Bosh . . .but not much more than that. He's not a title piece, only a complement to Yao.

John in Toronto:
Bill, isn't Bryan Colangelo doing himself worse by not S&T Bosh? If he let's him walk without a player in return he's basicall screwing the franchise over the same way as as he did by not trading him at the deadline!

Bill Ingram:
Absolutely - I have a hard time believing the Raptors won't do a S&T . .

Peter in Toronto:
Hi Bill, is it just me or did the Raptors screw themselves when they drafted Ed Davis over Patrick Patterson? I seem to think Patterson will be a MUCH better player who is also ready right now!

Bill Ingram:
We'll find out . . .I know the Rockets were doing cartwheels when he fell to them . . .

Andy in Nova Scotia:
hey bill, sources saying battier, ariza, and scola are the bait for a bosh S&T. however, with the hedo making nice, and amir re-signing, those players dont make sense. brooks has to be BC's target, right?

Bill Ingram:
Obviously they need a point guard, and I've been told the Raptors would like to include Hedo in the trade with Bosh. That makes more sense if the Rockets send Ariza and Battier out in the trade . . .unlikely they include Brooks, but not impossible.

Amit Chandra in Sydney, Australia:
Hi Bill, With the Raptors seeming to lose interest in a S&T with Bosh, what is the Rocket's contingency plan - maybe Al Jefferson? Thanks

Bill Ingram:
I think the Raptors will do a S&T . . .they can't afford to just let him walk . .

jack in :
I believe the Rockets have the right to SWITCH picks with NY in 2011 (top 5 protected) and own the Knicks' pick in 2012 (top 1 protected). What happens if the Knicks 1st round draft pick in 2011 falls within the top 5???

Bill Ingram:
I think you're right - if it's top 5 the Rockets automatically get the pick the next year.

Jack in Pasadena, TX:
The way free agency is going, teams are really overpaying to acquire free agents. Do you think it's likely someone is going to offer Luis Scola an astromical contract offer (one that the Rockets will not match)???

Bill Ingram:
I think everyone knows Houston will match . . .like Felton in Charlotte last year and Carl Landry in Houston, too . . .it will deter teams from committing a salary slot for 10 days while Houston thinks about it.

rocketsfan in :
I believe Houston is the best fit for bosh playing along side of yao; we have the better trade assets, and if bosh want to win and win a championship Houston is the team to do it not to mention are bench you agree or disagree?

Bill Ingram:
That's their argument, as well . . .Brooks, Yao, and Bosh would be a formidable big three . . .but what if Yao goes down again? The Rockets need a very good back-up for Yao, as Bosh won't get them to the playoffs without Yao.

Tom in Orange County, CA:
Do you see the Lakers making a S&T to get either Chris Bosh or Mike Miller?

Bill Ingram:
They had their shot at Mike Miller and that didn't work out. They went with Blake instead, and that addresses their pg needs. There were rumors of a Bynum/Bosh S&T, but those died a while ago . . .

Adrian in Romania:
Do you think at this point the Rockets still have a shot for a s&t for Bosh?Seems he wants to join Wade or Lebron somewhere

Bill Ingram:
I think it's too early to say . . .do these guys really get together, or was that all talk? We'll find out, but I think they sign in different places...two might land together, but the idea of 3 is a little crazy. The Raptors needs a S&T, and if they do that Houston has as good a shot as anyone . . .

Matt in Houston,Texas:
Put a percentage on Chris bosh coming to the rockets via S&T.

Bill Ingram:
LOL . . .as long as I don't say 100% I'm right, so let's say 60% . . .

Sanchito in Chile:
Can the knicks sign a max contract free agent, then sign & trade Lee for draft picks and/or a traded player exception. Then sign another max contract free agent, and also then use the TPE to sign another player?

Bill Ingram:
Here's the rule:
If a team trades away a player with a higher salary than the player they acquire in return (we'll call this initial deal "Trade #1"), they receive what is called a Traded Player Exception, also known colloquially as a "Trade Exception". Teams with a trade exception have up to a year in which they can acquire more salary in other trades (Trade #2, #3, etc) than they send away, as long as the gulf in salaries for Trade #2, #3, etc are less than or equal to the difference in salary for Trade #1. This exception is particularly useful when teams trade draft picks straight-up for a player; since draft picks have no salary value, often the only way to get salaries to match is to use a trade exception, which allows trades to be made despite unbalanced salaries. It is also useful to compensate teams for losing free agents as they can do a sign and trade of that free agent to acquire a trade exception that can be used later. Note this exception is for single player trades only, though additional cash and draft picks can be part of the trade.

matt in tdot:
cb4 2 houstn 4 ariza,hill,martin? hopefully

Bill Ingram:
That works for me . . .I wouldn't give up Scola, the more I think about it. I know Bosh is being talked about with LeBron and Wade a lot, but he's really not in their class as a player. The Rockets can't win a title with Bosh unless Yao is healthy, especially if they have to give up Scola to get him. Bosh is not the savior, he's a complementary player.

Darren in :
What do you make of the Raptors position of not accepting junk in a S&T. I'm starting to think the longer it takes to agree on a S&T, the more risk it's adding to Bosh ($ and term) and the teams interested in him. I like it!

Bill Ingram:
Depends on if Bosh waits for the S&T or takes the money somewhere and just walks away. Tough for Toronto to lose an asset like that without getting anything at all back, but I think fans in Toronto understand they weren't winning a title with Bosh .

bben in arizona:
hi bill, nice chat. isn't team chemistry underrated in this FA period? it helps winning championships

Bill Ingram:
Absolutely . . .chemistry is as important as roster . . .that's why I hesitate to predict a team with LeBron, Wade and Bosh is a title team . . .we've seen it happen in Boston, but we've seen it fail many times, too. When first-option guys are suddenly second option it requires them to check their egos at the door and learn a new role. They've done it with Team USA, but that's part-time. We're talking full-time now.

Sean in TDot:
Bosh leaving aside. What good PGs are out there for the Raps to get? We can't win with Calderon and Jack everyone knows that.

Bill Ingram:
The top free agent PG is Ray Felton . . .he's a little better than Calderon. Darren Collison from New Orleans would be my first choice, followed by Tony Parker, if we're talking guys who can be had via trade. I list Parker second only because he's been injured a lot recently.

Stephen in Houston:
Many reports seem to agree on one thing when it comes to Bosh. First option, play with LBJ. Second option, play with Wade. Third S&T to Houston. What do you think? Safe to say that if those other 2 return home, Bosh comes to Houston?

Bill Ingram:
I do think so . . the Raptors aren't interested in Beasley, nor are they interested in Luol Deng, the principle pieces in S&T offers from Miami and Chicago. The Rockets can send them better combinations of players . . .players they've been interested in before.