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Thread: Thinking About Miami Again

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    Default Thinking About Miami Again

    Now, please note: this is contingent on James signing in Cleveland. The triple threat is off the board in this scenario.

    Given that, I got to thinking... neither Bosh or Wade is a full-season type of guy. Wade has played a lot the last two seasons but prior to that he played two seasons of 51 games each. Bosh misses 10+ games a year almost every year. Also, Miami will be, pretty much, gutted - that means a lot of dreck on that roster for a couple of years at least.

    i.e. Get enough draft picks out of Miami and one of them could really pay off.

    So... if it meant taking back Beasley, Chalmers and a 10-12 million $ TPE...

    ... how many draft picks would you want from miami to make this palatable?

    2011 TOR 1st (a given imo), 2011 Miami 1st (unprotected), 2013 Miami 1st (unprotected) and 2015 Miami 1st (unprotected)?

    I am thinking that Miami is VERY close to losing Wade so how much would they pony up to get Bosh and get Wade to stay?

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    If we believe Ric Buchler's latest on from espn he is predicting James stays with Cleveland. Boozer in Chicago and Wade and Bosh in Miami.

    I am thinking three way - New Orleans-Miami-Toronto and I think it would work out salary wise since Miami has so much wiggle room.

    New Orleans gives Oakfur (11.5), Peja (15 and expiring) and Darren Collison (1.3) to Miami for

    a sign and traded Jermain O'Neal say at perhaps 7.5 over three years, Michael Beasley (4.5 with expiring contract and team option) and Marion Chalmbers (850,000 plus expiring contract). New Orleans saves money and gets Beasley.

    Miami then trades Oaks, Peja and Collison to the Raptors along with the lottery protected first round pick the Raptors gave to Miami in the Marion deal for Bosh (max), Hedo (10) and Jarrett Jack (5)

    Miami starting five of Jack, Wade, Hedo, Bosh, Haslem
    New Orleans starting five of Paul, Wright, Beasley, West, Jermain
    Raps starting five of Oaks, Bargnani, Peja (Gomes or whoever the sign with the mid-level), Derozan, Calderon/Collison

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    For To better team than last year & MUCH better future.
    If we could keep Jack ins of Calderon, even better.

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