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Thread: Alabi's Development is in Colangelo's Hands

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    Quote Raptor4Ever wrote: View Post
    No Since it is True
    BC is nervous as Hell these days sine he has lost all his creditability in the league, BabCock 2.0.

    People are comparing Amir's signing to Darius Mill and JYD around the league and laughing at our team.

    BC is trying to sell the YOUNG GUNZ , as his last resource hoping to keep people excited about this team this year.

    His next move will be a 35 million , 5 year deal for Weems

    This team as it is now, will win maximum 15 game this season and our stud PF Amir, will pay 20 minutes ( due to FOUL troubles) and will average 8 point and 6 rebound
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    Quote sunndog wrote: View Post
    why isn't Colangelo offering Olajuwon anything under the sun to coach Alabi. Is this not an obvious fit?
    1. Olajuwon lives in Jordan. - He only comes to North America for occasional basketball camps.

    Since the end of his career Olajuwon has spent most of his time in Jordan, where he moved with his family to pursue Islamic studies.[7] He returns once or twice a year to visit his friends and former teammates such as Sam Cassell and Robert Horry, whose careers he follows.[7] He keeps in regular phone contact with former Cougars and Rockets teammate Clyde Drexler.[7]

    2. Player development is the head coaches responsibility not the GMs. Don't worry, Triano is doing a great job developing Johnson, DeRozan and Weems. I expect he will do the same with Davis and Alabi.
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