This isn't an official rumour, but a basketball columnist being bored and having fun with the ESPN Trade Machine.

Ryan Wolstat from the Sun came up with this proposal.

In the meantime, ESPN's trade machine is a great little time waster. I thought up a trade that possibly would set things right in Raptor-land, ie. the team would stop giving up a billion points a night and would actually win some games, thereby helping entice Chris Bosh to stay put next summer.

The idea:

Raptors trade:
Andrea Bargnani, Jose Calderon, Marcus Banks, Patrick O'Bryant, future 2nd round pick.

Clippers trade:
Marcus Camby, Baron Davis, DeAndre Jordan, 1st round pick (top 12 protected).

The Clippers end the flawed Davis experiment and get something for Camby who will leave this summer for nothing. Bargnani/Kaman/Griffin would be a deadly frontcourt rotation for years to come.

The Raptors upgrade talent-wise significantly. Davis is moody and not always motivated, but surrounded by a veteran cast, he'd probably look pretty good again. Camby and Bosh would transform the Raptors from the worst defensive frontcourt in the league to an above average one that controls the glass.
The team would free itself of some long-term commitments and have Jordan and the draft pick (plus extra money to re-sign Amir Johnson) to rebuild its front court once Camby leaves via free agency.
Would you pull the trigger on such a deal?

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