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Thread: Message From CB4 To Toronto

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    Quote Bumpy McGee wrote: View Post
    I'm a HUGE Bill Simmons fan... great writer... great podcast... but his statement about: "Superstars guarantee you 45+ wins regardless of their supporting cast. Only 5 superstars right now: LBJ, Kobe, Wade, Durant, Howard." is simply not true.
    i kind of agree with you on the 45+ wins..

    but superstars guarantee you a playoff series here and there..

    bosh does not.

    durant isnt quite there yet, but he's knocking on the door of superstardom

    duncan should be on his superstar list.

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    Quote Mess wrote: View Post
    Here's what else Simmons's tweeted.



    He has a good point.
    There is another tier that wasn't mentioned which is megastars. Currently, this is probably only occupied by Lebron and Kobe with Durant well on his way. Howard and Wade aren't in the same bracket, however they do headman the superstar class, in which simmons forgot: Nash, CP3, Dirk, Duncan (who has megastar skill but not the attitude), D-will, Gasol, Carmello, Roy, Billups, Rose and Yao.

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