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Thread: Colangelo's Stepping Up & Taking the Blame

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    Default Colangelo's Stepping Up & Taking the Blame

    Talk is cheap in my opinion.

    What's more concerning to me is that BC has apparently already spoken to the team regarding the sense or urgency in stepping up and being accountable. Look what that's done.

    Club president Bryan Colangelo says the buck stops with him as the team tries to end a five-game losing streak in which they've dipped to 11th in the standings.

    “At the end of the day, there's a lot of talk about this being about coaching and systems and things like that,” said Colangelo, who was en route yesterday to meet his team in Washington for tonight's game against the Wizards. “But at the end of the day if you're looking for someone to blame, you can point to me because I'm ultimately the one responsible for putting this group together.”
    Colangelo said he had been previously scheduled to fly to Washington for today's game and wasn't planning to read the riot act, saying he's already addressed the team once this season.
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    AltRaps mentioned this Colangelo quote in the comment section of today's post. I had totally forgotten about it but it's good to be reminder of Colangelo's core philosophies:

    “rebounding is not a concern if we score the ball”

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    BC's come out of hiding.

    I think these upcoming back-to-back games will define the remainder of the season. We need at least one win to calm the waters. Two more straight losses and heads will need to roll.

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    I agree with Colangelo, he is the primary source for the Raptors struggles.

    After he fired Sam he should have hired an experienced coach. I also don't like the fact that the new additions to the coaching ranks share the same point of view (or are cut from the same mold).

    It just seems the organization is filled with individuals that perpetuate the jump shooting no defense mentality without anyone that is capable of offering a countering opinion.

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