I just dont think its a good idea for either team...I really don't see Lebron following Rupaul..I mean CB4 and Wade into Miami. If Riley sees this too, why would he trade his few assets in order to get a bigger contract for his new asset? Nah he is definitely going to go after surronding his new core with perimeter scoring and solid defensive players. As for Toronto, I dont see anything that would make me happy with a S&T, im happy with the core we have here and im set for watching it grow for the next however long it takes. If free agency is said and done tomorrow, should be a good season if Lebron signs with the Knicks...We get to watch 3 Batmans (Lebron, Wade, Kobe) with 3 Robins (Amare, Bosh, Gasol) way better then if the 3 idiots paired up in Miami to try and dominate IMO.