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Thread: Should the Raptors Pursue a S&T with Miami?

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    This is not a comment on why the Heat would want Calderon, but the whole "if a lottery team doesn't want so and so why would a contender want him" needs to be squashed. Obviously, different players fit different teams better. It's like saying Orlando should not have signed Barnes because Golden State didn't want him, or possibly the reverse, that every team should want Matt Bonner because San Antonio wanted him. There's a reason basketball is a team game.
    Just to emphasis this point. Calderon didn't fit well with the Raptors last season because his weaknesses was also the Raptors biggest weakness. Calderon is an above average shooter, passer and at running an offense. On a stronger defensive team, his lack of defensive wouldn't be as much of a problem. Tony Parker isn't a very good defensive player, but on the Spurs, it doesn't matter so much because they are a strong defensive team. Had Parker been on the Raptors, he would have been the punching bag for a lot of fans.

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    if they can help us in finding a way in getting rid of turkoglu and calderon and we can find a way of not obtaining beasley for any longer than before the season starts yes.
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