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It depends on what you mean by better. Is Beasley more TALENTED? Sure. Is he a better scorer? Definitely. Is he going to help a team more than Johnson? I highly doubt it. Beasley, at this point, is a one dimensional player who does not do what he is good at all that effectively at the moment. He's going to hurt you on the defensive end and hasn't really adjusted to the NBA, at this point, so is not an efficient scorer at all.

Johnson helps the team on both ends, hustles, rebounds and will improve a team's chances of winning simply by being on the court.

If Beasley fulfills his potential, he can be a 20+/8 player who can create mismatches on offensive and make highlight reels. He'll never be a good defender, though, and I, personally, place as much value on defense as I do on offense. Maybe more. If you have a player who hurts you on one end of the court, he better be damn good on the other end to make up for it. At this point, Beasley doesn't, which is why Miami has been trying to trade him.
agree completely...except, i have no issue taking a flier on a 21-yr old guy with obvious talent who's got something to play for (i.e. a new contract). the idea that he wouldn't be on his 'best behaviour' with whatever team he ends up on this coming season is silly. IMO, his bad rep started at the rookie orientation camp, and since then, his offcourt life has been scrutinized. doesn't help he played in miami, or that he was such a high pick.

bottom line - if BC is adamant about not taking back beasley in a S&T, and it's the ONLY thing that kills a trade, then he's an even bigger idiot than i've assumed all along. hell, if the consensus is that he's a total poison, you still do the deal & either deal him immediately for nothing, or you buy him out (which would be dumb, IMO). BC simply cannot get NOTHING for bosh. believe me, i in no way believe beasley is a guy who'd help the raptors (at least as they're currently constructed - you remove bargs & hedo & replace them with even decent defenders, and it's a different story), but the idea that a deal doesn't get done because of him is silly. fuck all the BS about not wanting to give the heat a better shot at acquiring james, if the 3 of them are adamant about playing together, they'll make it happen one way or the other.