Whoever said ďpatience is a virtueĒ clearly didnít watch the current edition of the Toronto Raptors.

For those who ask: Patience? What do you know about patience? This is what patience is
Sure, they had a tough schedule to start the season, but at what point as a player do you stop looking at the schedule and instead look at yourself in the mirror.
I wrote a similar article to this one at approximately the same time last season supporting the release of Sam Mitchell as head coach, he got fired days later. You canít fire Jay Triano now, though. It is far too early or far too late for that move depending on what you think of the situation. Iím sure he is a great guy and a smart man, but whatever heís preaching the players are not listening.

I have gotten a few messages and texts the past couple days saying Triano should be gone; I canít imagine the amount Colangelo is receiving.
Nearly every game so far this season has been a defensive headache, but itís been covered up by the offense on most nights. However, on nights when the offense isnít effective for four quarters, it rarely produces a victory for the guys representing Toronto.

Seven victories in 20 games have produced heart breaks nation-wide across Canada.

Good read.