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Thread: The Smitch Curse

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    The Raptors have been horrible since he left and a year to the day of his last coached game in Toronto:

    Sam Mitchell can still draw a crowd.

    The former Raptors head coach, a day shy of his one-year anniversary of being fired, was courtside for last night's tilt here at the Philips Arena.

    Dressed in black and looking as fit as ever, the Atlanta resident exchanged nods of acknowledgement with both Chris Bosh and Jose Calderon as the Raptors took the floor but otherwise had little interaction with Toronto.

    If he was aware it was exactly one day shy of the infamous anniversary, which followed on the heels of a 39-point loss to the Denver Nuggets, Mitchell wasn't admitting it.

    He agreed to sit down with a few of the travelling media at halftime in a courtside lounge with the qualifier: "As long as there's no stupid questions."
    Source: Toronto Sun

    They got whooped with him watching this game far worse than anything experienced in the Colangelo era with him on the bench.

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    For his priceless quotes alone, I really do miss Sam. Like him or not, I personally think he got more out of his players than Triano has.

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