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Thread: Who is on the block first: Triano or Iavaroni?

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    Default Who is on the block first: Triano or Iavaroni?

    Who would YOU fire first: Triano or Iavaroni?

    I was never on board with the Iavaroni signing. Made no sense to me - he was a 'defensive specialist' who has no history of success on the defensive end from his time with Phoenix to his horrible times in Memphis.

    He was brought in to fix out defensive woes, and in his short tenure seems to have done nothing but made them worse. Iavaroni was brought in to design our defence, so I can only think that the blame rests on his shoulders for our constant switches. If the defensive strategy looked good, then Iavaroni would get the credit.

    That said: Triano's job is to get his team to play with some effort out there, something the Raps haven't done for a while now. "Maybe" the system is okay, and the players just need to execute it better? If Triano can't get anything from his players, then maybe he needs to go.

    First, I don't think Colangelo can fire either of them considering they just newly received contracts.

    What would I do though, assuming one of them were to be fired? Although I think BC is more inclined to fire Triano so he can promote his buddy Marc Iavaroni, I think that is a mistake. I think that the defensive effort we are seeing out there is part of a vicious cycle. As the losses mount, and defensive scheme continues to fail (After its one marginal success in our first outing, the Suns adjusted to our switching pretty effectively the second time out) the effort will disappear.

    I would fire Iavaroni first.
    I mean, the bottom line is I would rather have Triano than Iavaroni running the show. This is saying more about what my opinion of Iavaroni is though.

    So what do you guys think?
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