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Tim W.: I can understand where you're coming from with wanting to see the Raptors rebuild, but I dont think it's ever going to happen -- or, at least, the roster you see right now is the closest we're going to get. I dont think BC is ever going to make a move that he thinks will make the team do badly in the regular season. That isn't what MLSE hired him for. MLSE wants us making the playoffs every year, because that makes most fans happy and sells merchandise. Of course they want a championship, but they don't want to endure 5 years of losing to get a shot.

On the upside, 'rebuilding' is not at all the only way to win a championship. The Lakers did not get where they are by rebuilding. Neither did Boston. Fans like the concept because they can understand the logic of it, but in the real world, it's not even all that common as the road to the championship. The main way is just good trades. No special reason the Raptors can't do that, although of course it's unlikely (since winnign a championship is always unlikely).
totally agree man the clips have been rebuilding for years and they suck lol