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5 years, 34 million. I think if you plug him in right now as starting center for the raptors, he will give you 10/10, good man-to-man and help defense in 36 minutes of play.

I don't think it is fair at all to compare him anyone in the d-league. Just because he can't get minutes behind Dwight doesn't mean he sucks. Don't you remember his good play in the playoffs, or last season?

Finally, look at the numbers:


Similar production, but Gortat is half the price.

Plus, Gortat has some potential for growth/improvement...Dalembert not so much.
Amir Johnson can give you 10/10 if you play him 36 minutes provided he doesn't foul out. I haven't seen enough of Gortat to comment on him from a defensive point of view, but I'm pretty sure Dalembert is more of an interior presence than him. Plus, wouldn't you like to see Leo squirm?