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Thread: Toronto Raptors (what if) dream team

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    Default Toronto Raptors (what if) dream team

    Nowadays its hard to win let alone compete, with teams hoarding multiple allstars. Lets "imagine" (using this term loosely) a couple high caliber players would be willing to come north of the border. Who would you like to see in Raptors red?

    Here's my personal list.

    1.Kevin Durant- His game speaks for itself, and he said the Raptors were his favorite team growing up.

    2.Stephan Curry- Watching him last season had me drooling at his game. Another bonus is his father Dell played for us a few years ago. He seems pretty adept at dropping some buckets, since he's been doing this on the same court as a kid.

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    chris paul

    dwight howard

    i cant think of a way to double them both while stopping ally oops

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