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Lets get one thing straight, No team will loose intentionally in NBA But when you trade away your best players for Draft Pick and expiring contracts, then you will automatically loose.

Look at Toronto right now, BC can stay with current team, let the young players develop while trying to acquire more picks by moving some of his movable players like Jack.

Or he can sign average players to long contract and keep this team mediocre fighting for play off spot and ... keeping some dumb asses happy.

Right now, it seems like BC is going with the 2nd choice. You can not rebuild like that when you offer long contracts to unproven players and over pay them. You can not rebuild by getting late first round picks and ...

We need to start over like Washington is doing or OKC did after Ray Allen or Wolfs are finally doing after Garnett. However, BC is NOT the right guy for this job and his recent moves prove that.

So we can not talk about a real rebuild till this guy is in charge. Fire him and Raptor will be in the right path.
OKC is a bad example!!!
Just ask all those parents in Seattle how they feel when
their kids ask them to take them to an NBA game...