This will serve as official record and determine bragging rights, "I told you so's" and all that good stuff. Hindsight is 20/20 so that's why we want you to make the call right now on the following:

Copy and paste the following into your posts and add the answer next to each line. Make sure you only give one answer. You also get one free prediction.

  1. Number of Wins:
  2. Final position in Atlantic:
  3. Seed in East:
  4. Bargnani Scoring/Rebounding Average:
  5. Will Bosh get traded (Yes/No)?
  6. Which rotation player will miss the most games due to injury?
  7. Turkoglu Scoring Average:
  8. Other than Jack, our best sixth man will be:
  9. Record on January 1st (33 games):
  10. One free prediction:

Edit: Avoid Jack being the answer to #8.