Fuck ya, shit ya, hell ya .... get mad Jay ... like Bobby Knight mad. Throw crap around the dressing room. Sleep with the players wives. Get some type of emotion out your guys instead of allowing them to have "shits & giggles" time at the end of games after being blown out of the water by a trillion points.

Still, Triano has his issues. How does he get more out of Hedo Turkoglu, the prized off-season pickup who hasn't delivered? Or out of Chris Bosh, who had two points on Wednesday? Or out of Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani, who both need to be better?

Mitchell knows the challenge.

"People don't understand how relentless I was on Jose and Chris. I cut 'em no slack," said Mitchell. "Andrea, it was different. I cut Andrea a lot of slack."

Perhaps part of the problem for Triano is that he forged his relationship with Bosh and Calderon and Bargnani, three-fifths of an under-performing starting five, as an assistant coach, the smiling pat on the back that soothed the pain of Mitchell's verbal whip. For Triano to suddenly find relentlessness? No easy task.

"You pick your spots," Mitchell said. "Sometimes you just have to walk away and say, `Don't say (anything). It's a bad night. Don't compound it.' ... And sometimes you really get on their ass after you win. ... You pick your spots."
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