I didn't see a thread for the CFL so I decided to start one.

If there is one please merge this post into it. Thanks
I am really psyched up about this.

As I have posted before I grew up in Buffalo N.Y. and stayed there until I was about 24 and then had a better offer from a team in Los Angeles.

When I was growing up I loved to watch three Canadian sporting events on TV. As I recall we were able to get two Canadian TV channels in Buffalo in those days; i.e Channel #6 out of Toronto and another one I believe that was broadcasting from Hamilton?

1. Saturday night hockey with Foster Hewitt
2. Snooker
3. CFL football

Truth be told I am not a NFL or NCAA football fan but I really enjoyed watching the CFL when I was growing up. All these years that I have lived in Los Angeles I have never been able to watch a CFL game. So I have not watched a CFL game for many many years.

When I upgraded my cable package a couple of months ago the upgraded package came with NFLNet. To date I have yet to watch it. However, things are about to change.

Today I was doing a search for the Calgary Stampede to see if it was carried by Versus. It appears it is not. However in the process I found that my cable carrier on NFLNet carries what appears to be one CFL football game a week.

So I located the CFL website and checked the schedule against what NFLNet is showing tomorrow and it is in fact a live regular season game week #2. The game on NFLNet tomorrow is Calgary @ Hamilton. Hamilton used to be my favorite team when I watched the CFL while living in Buffalo all those many many years ago. Calgary is ranked #2 and Hamilton #7 should it might not be a very well contested game but I am psyched.

Finally some football on my TV here in Los Angeles that I actually enjoy watching