I've been doing some serious thinking about this whole situation. I've come to the conclusion that down the road 6+ years. I think the three amigo's are going to win multiple championships. Just to think that one of these guys were bred in a Raptors uniform. that just makes me feel that as a organization Toronto is known for a good development program..
The only sad part is that these same stars decide to leave for greener pastures. Is it the weather? I don't think it completely is about the weather. Is it the fans? They've shown at times to be harsh but they're also some of the most educated loyal fans out there. I believe the reason why most of these stars don't want to either come, or stay in toronto is because we are only 16 years old as a franchise. Give it time people you will see.

I am filled with borderline jealousy at the moment when i look at the future of the heat as a franchise. They aren't that old of a team also. I think patience will take us a very long way in the long run.

I'd just like to take this moment to thank Chris Bosh for being such a class act while here in Toronto. I know he hasn't produced anything team wise that is significant besides his personal records. I think this whole free agency situation goes to show that SOME Raptor fans have no long term memory. When bosh come back to the ACC i'll be very ashamed if people boo him.
I've always liked the Heat because of Dwayne Wade. Now they've given me WAY more of a reason to cheer for them with LeBron and Chris Joining forces with Dwayne. Next year im buying a Heat Jersey to add to my collection. If you want to call it jumping on a bandwagon go ahead. All i know is im tired of watching a team that never makes it very far *cough*toronto*cough*. Im not saying that im done with the raptors but im done thinking there going anywhere near that trophy lol So question is who is with me??