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Thread: Proposal: Trades Using TPE

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    Default Proposal: Trades Using TPE

    Would people do these trades?

    Toronto: Davis + Derozan + Mia 1st
    Philadelphia: Brand + Turner + 1st (top 5 protected)

    We get a new star to build around, brand's contract last as long as Calderon's and its not like we will have any room to work with in the near future anyways. Philly dump its bad contract and get several decent & young players.

    Toronto: Davis or Amir + Jack
    New Orleans: Okafor + Collison + 1st(s)

    Tor get a real center, a good young pg and a pick. (W/ Amir signed one of them won't be starting in toronto anyway, and okafor's contract will run out around same time as turk)
    NO gets rid of okafor and get a young big and good backup pg in return. In case you're thinking this is overpaying, NO is already under luxury tax so they don't have to give away okafor anymore + they have to satisfy paul.

    Toronto: Davis + Mia 1st
    Memphis: Gasol + Mem 1st (top 10 protected maybe)

    Tor get a real legit center (& another spaniard ), Memphis avoids paying gasol huge money on an extension and get a good (young + cheap) replacement for randolph when he leaves (They also have thabeet at center anyway)

    Toronto: Banks + Evans + Belinelli
    Sacramento: Dalembert + Udrih + Garcia + 2011 swap 1st pick w/ raptors if higher pick + 2012 1st

    In return for taking all their bad contracts (Udrih, Garcia), we get dalembert and their 1st round pick(s). This let sacramento to be major players in the 2011 free agency

    Please be kind with your replies
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    1) No. You say Brand's contract is as long as Calderon's... well, if we were actually swapping long contracts sure, but not when we have to take Brand's mammoth of a contract, especially when him + Bargnani = worse defensive pairing than Bosh + Bargnani. What would we do with Brand? Have him come off the bench? If we had Davis around after the trade, I'd actually prefer Brand to play 0 minutes, but this offer gets rid of Davis as well.

    I understand the desire for Turner, but I'd rather see Davis and DeRozan developing than have to wait 3 years for a bad fit that only stunts our rebuild to come off the books, and the first round pick swap doesn't justify it (a bird in hand is better than two in the bush, as they say, and this is only one single, potentially better looking bird). Before the draft, if you asked me about Brand + 2nd overall for our 13th overall, I'd say sure, but we really lucked out with Davis so I'm more on the fence now. If we have to take Brand now, I'd much rather do Brand + Turner for our future 1st round pick, top-10 protected. Otherwise, I'd rather have nice young players learning to play defense without any old farts throwing a stick into the works.

    2) I do think it's overpaying, but I also agree that New Orleans will not have a fire sale (contrary to all the our crap for Collison + Okafor trade suggestions). I really don't think Toronto and New Orleans are good trade partners (at least with any of the trade suggestions so far), nor do I think Okafor's contract is THAT bad. It's certainly not "good" but for a team where Okafor is a good fit (are we?), $11.5-$14.5 per year for a big.... well, Dallas just offered a 31-year old big $55 mil over 6 years and Golden State is paying Lee $80 mil over 6 years to be a defensive sieve.

    I suppose part of it is me hoping/thinking Davis can be more than what Okafor is now, but at a much cheaper price (and watching a cheap, young player grow is more entertaining than watching someone expensive who has pretty much been stagnant since entering the league) That said, I did say a bird in hand is better than two in the bush, so if we really wanted to contend now with a team that actually defends, I might be convinced if we receive more than one 1st round pick from New Orleans (say 2011 and 2013/2014). Going from Okafor + Collison to Davis + Jack would probably result in them remaining a lottery team for the immediate future, and might even spur Paul to leave when his deal is up, so those first round picks might have some value.

    3) You're really good at coming up with trade suggestions that have me on the fence but then you always throw in the 1st round pick swap. I guess the questions here are: 1) what will he be looking for in a new deal, and will he commit to Toronto for an affordable price, and 2) how will he fare defensively next to Bargnani. He was a plus defender on a poor defensive team last year, but I hesitate to call him a good defender because his lateral quickness is a bit lacking. I really want to say no because the opportunity for Davis to become the kind of defensively responsible big man we've always wanted is too tempting to pass up, but Gasol is a true center and how often do you come by those. Unprotect the 1st round pick or make it top 5 protected and I'd consider it. Would hate to see us waiting for Memphis to be in the proper lottery range (#11 to #14) only to have them make the playoffs some year down the road, thus severely diminishing the value of that swap.

    4) No. I don't know if using the TPE so we can have bad contracts lasting til 2012-2013 ($14 mil combined that year) is worth Dalembert, and if this helps them be successful players in 2011 free agency, we're looking at a not so valuable 2012 1st round pick in return. The 2011 swap is a wash since I don't expect the Raptors to be very good, and all this trade does is make us potentially win more games, thus lowering our pick (so the swap would be more likely), but we would be picking around Sacremento's range before the trade anyway.

    p.s. This was me being nice. =P
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    what's with people's fascination with okafor?
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