So now all of a sudden this is becoming an issue. How convenient.

Among the topics on the agenda: The need for better communication between the players from North America and the ones from Europe.

"A lot of times we let the simple things a guy being from Italy make the decision on whether you want to talk to that guy, or to the next guy," said Antoine Wright, the California-born reserve swingman. "If we want to win, we need to talk to each other. (The meeting) did a good job in addressing that problem."

Asked if there was a split between the players from different sides of the Atlantic Ocean and the Raptors employ six players born in Europe Chris Bosh, the Texas-bred captain, said: "It wasn't a split, in my opinion. It was more so just not knowing how to relate to different guys. Sometimes you're going to want to call somebody out if they don't rotate (on defence). Instead of calling somebody out because they didn't do their job or they're not playing hard, we kind of just kept it quiet. The more quiet you are, sometimes things get divided ... We can't be afraid to challenge each other. It's for the better sake of this team."
This comment bothered me for some reason:

"I asked questions and I got answers from some of the guys I wanted answers from. I don't think I asked anything to Chris or Hedo," said Triano. "I had some things I had to address and I did ... What went on in there was our team stuff ... There was very little basketball stuff. It was more personal stuff in there."
As much as the majority of us commend Bosh on how well he's improved his game this season, why shouldn't he also take his share of the criticism of these current team issues? Because after all, he is the "leader".

And Hedo, this guy better start talking sooner or later because by not say anything and not showing by actions on the court, its no wonder why Raptors fans are quickly thinking he's one of the most overrated and overpriced players in the NBA. Be a veteran and step up man.

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