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how does that even work? I tried the espn trade machine it doesn't work....

Barbosa is an SG? doesn't that mean he will "undermine" Derozen development?
Not sure if this was already posted here but its an article about an interview with Robert Sarver about the Hedo trade and it explains how it was made possible financially.


"Number one he can really help create his own shot so I think he'll add some help to Steve," Sarver explained. "A lot of pressure comes on Steve during the game and especially at the end of the game to create, but Hedo can create. He's proven that he knows how to do that and he's hit big shots in big games, so that's number one. Number two he can play four different positions. So he gives us a lot of flexibility. Then finally he really wanted to come to Phoenix and was willing to wave 80 percent of his trade kicker and half of his last year's guarantee which was 12 million four years from now which we were most concerned about. He really helped us facilitate it. We really thought he could help us with Steve and that's why we wanted to do it. We've been talking about it for a quite a while. Bryan (Colangelo) and I actually had conversations three weeks ago. I actually even brought it up to Amar'e and said hey this could be a piece that could really help us get over the hump if we could land him. We've been thinking about him and trying to figure out a way to get him to Phoenix for quite awhile."