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Thread: Trade Proposal: Raptors / Hornets

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    Default Trade Proposal: Raptors / Hornets

    Reggie Evans
    Jose Calderon
    Marco Belinelli
    Solomon Alabi
    2 First round picks

    Darren Collison
    Emeka Okafor

    Raptors do it to get a starting center to move Bargnani back to the 4 and to get an up and coming PG that can run the fast paced, run and gun raptors.

    The Hornets do it for cap relief (except Jose who would just be back up to Paul) and they also get 2 first round draft picks to help them rebuild.

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    Except the Hornets wouldn't get cap relief. Jose makes 9 per year and Evans/Belinelli would put them back in the luxury tax this year.

    And the Hornets would then need a center, and have a 15 MPG back-up costing them 9 million per year.
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