is obviously persona non grata at the Playboy Mansion and doesn't know Elie Seckbach

Elie Seckbach is a sports writer who has been covering the NBA since 1997, using his unique questioning style to create entertaining reports that explore more than basketball. He has worked for the Los Angeles Daily News [1] as well as news outlets in Israel. In 2008, he began reporting for AOL Sports FanHouse [2] He also has appeared in the film Who Shot Mamba. In October 2008 he began reporting for NBC-TV's website covering the Los Angeles Lakers. In September 2008 Seckbach was a featured speaker at The Blog World convention in Las Vegas talking about new media and journalism. In June 2009 Yahoo Sports wrote about hip-hop superstar Lil' Wayne dropping the hottest rap song of the year in honor of Lakers star Kobe Bryant. The track was titled, simply, Kobe Bryant. Seckbach was sampled in the song four times -- including part of an interview he did with Orlando's Mickael Pietrus.
Here Seckbach does another interview of the mysterious Mr. Johnson. Maybe Amir was invited to the Playboy Mansion to work on his "bunny shots":


Check out my interview at the Playboy Mansion 7 minutes ago via web