Here is the BIG picture of what to do with Calderon:

3 team trade the Raptors need to make to rid of Calderon and prepare for the future:


Det gets Miller, Fernandez, Batum
Por gets Calderon, Prince, Stuckey
Tor gets Bayless, Pryzbilla

Next: Raptors and Hornets

This depends on if Hornets are looking to trade Okafor. We'll do 2 trades, one with Okafor and one without Okafor:

Without Okafor:

NOH gets Banks, Evans, Bellinelli, Bayless, Heat 1st Round
TOR gets Collison, Stojakovic


PG: Collison, Jack, (need 3rd string PG)
SG: DeRozan, Barbosa
SF: Weems, Kleinza, Peja
PF: Bargnani, Davis, Dorsey
C: Pryzbilla, Johnson, Alabi

With Okafor:

NOH gets Pryzbilla, Evans, Bellinelli, Bayless
TOR gets Collison, Okafor

NOH gets TPE/Heat 1st Round pick
TOR gets Stojakovic


PG: Collison, Jack, Banks
SG: DeRozan, Barbosa
SF: Weems, Kleinza, Peja
PF: Bargnani, Davis, Dorsey
C: Okafor, Johnson, Alabi

Personally I'd go for without Okafor and then give a huge contract offer to Marc Gasol next year that Memphis would not be willing or able to match. However, if NOH wanted rid of Okafor then I would take him and go ahead with getting Marc Gasol while worrying about ridding Okafor later.


Trade 1:
Portland needs a PG who can stick the 3 next to ROY hence calderon.
Detroit needs a PG who can create for others and get his own shot hence Miller.
Raptors needs a C to allow Bargnani to play PF.

Trade 2:
New Orleans needs to do everything it can to keep Paul. This saves them money this year and frees up nearly $30 million for next year to sign a big free agent to play alongside Paul (Carmelo maybe?) while obtaining a couple of young players with potential if they choose to keep them (Bellinilli and Bayless).

Raptors need a point guard for the future - Darren Collison. Peja's $14 million expiring contract is used to sign 1st round pick and maybe 2nd round next year, make a huge offer to Marc Gasol, and keep Weems.

The above gives Colangelo Executive of the Year.