This was a fun thread to read. Emotions flying high!

A couple of things...

1) When they both came out, GMs were, in fact, higher on Graham and Granger. If my memory serves me correctly, both had similar game/stats and GMs though Graham had greater "upside" (everyone's favorite non-existent stat) and far greater athleticism. In fact the one description of Graham that's always stuck with me was that "Joey could jump out of the gym"

2) I think people are getting far too down on Hibbert. As was mentioned previously, the guy's only been in the league for 2 years, really only playing one season and even then his minutes were yanked around.

3) I don't think that BC should deal and here's why. The growth of a team should be organic. There's something a bit karmic about it. If we look back, who are the teams that succeed and which are the teams which generally crumble? The teams that usually fail are the ones that force moves out of desperation rather than those who keep an ear to the ground and wait for the right player or deal to arise. But we all know this. If we trade Jose now, we may be passing on a better deal which might become available in the near future. Right now, given all of the personnel changes that have dropped in the past week and a half, about half the league if not more is in a state of flux. Many teams have a very new complexion and don't generally know how everything is going to fit together. If we force a trade now, giving up one of our best assets in the process, we run the risk of being low-balled or failing to see a player's summer improvements or digressions.

If I was BC right now I would take stock of the team's assets:

-A pair of 2011 first round picks
-15 million dollar TPE
-Reggie Evans & Marcus Banks

Not a bad mix of expiring contracts, veteran talent and non-player assets right? SO WHAT'S THE RUSH? The Chandler/Diaw trade would have been too good to be true, but another will come. Once the season begin and certain teams fail to have the start they envisioned, GMs will panic and look to trade. It happens every year. Let's wait and see, Billy King was hired as GM of the Nets today, so one more bad GM is back. Who knows maybe we could get Devin Harris for Reggie Evans and Alvin Williams? Wouldn't put it past the man who passed on Chris Paul and Deron Williams to draft Marvin Williams.
Point is, maybe we should just let these guys play. Let's trot out a line of Jack, DeRozan, Weems, Bargs (at the 4) and a rotation of Johnson/Davis/Alabi/Dorsey/Evans. The young bigs aren't necessarily too small to play at the 5, and if we distribute minutes correctly it's an experiment that could definitely work while providing Bargs the stage to properly display his skills. As the season progresses, the right deal will arise and BC will jump on it. The man has made desperation moves for the past 3 seasons, let's just let the boys play and see what happens.