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Thread: Barbosa's Right Wrist Surgery In 2010

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    Default Barbosa's Right Wrist Surgery In 2010

    In late January Barbosa had surgery on his shooting wrist to remove a painful cyst.
    Suns’ Barbosa to have surgery on right wrist, expected to be out for a month
    By AP
    January 23rd, 2010

    Barbosa to have wrist surgery, out for a month

    PHOENIX — Phoenix Suns guard Leandro Barbosa will have surgery to remove a cyst on his right wrist and is expected to be sidelined for about a month.

    General manager Steve Kerr made the announcement before Saturday night’s game against Golden State.

    Barbosa had the cyst drained in November but it returned and had been increasingly bothering him for the past two weeks.

    Kerr says the surgery will be performed as soon as possible, probably on Monday.

    Updated: January 26, 2010, 6:32 PM ET
    Barbosa has successful surgery

    Associated Press

    PHOENIX -- The Phoenix Suns say guard Leandro Barbosa underwent successful surgery Tuesday to remove a ganglion cyst in his right wrist and he's expected to be sidelined up to six weeks.

    Barbosa has struggled with the wrist problem since last summer when he sprained it on a fall while playing for the Brazilian national team. He had fluid drained from the wrist in November, sat out three games and took anti-inflammatory drugs but the problems returned.

    Ganglion cyst
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A ganglion cyst, also known as a bible cyst, is a swelling that often appears on or around joints and tendons in the hand or foot. The size of the cyst can vary over time. It is most frequently located around the dorsum of wrist and on the fingers. The term "Bible bump" comes from a common urban legend that treatment in the past consisted of hitting the cyst with a Bible or another large book.[1]


    If a ganglion cyst is symptomatic, it can be managed by aspiration or excision. Aspiration and injection of hyaluronidase into the cyst is the simpler of the two procedures, but cysts recur in more than 50% of cases. With surgery, the recurrence rate is reduced to only 5 to 10% if the check valve at the joint capsule is removed. Arthroscopy of the wrist is becoming available as an alternative to open excision of ganglion cysts. During arthroscopy, the origin of the cyst can be seen within the joint.

    Now it should be noted that after Barbosa returned from the surgery he played in 31 games. I used the Yahoo "Game Log" stats to look at his post surgery numbers. They were very close to his pre-surgery numbers both of which were career lows in FG% and 3PFG%. He also had career lows in Rebounds Per Game and Assists Per Game

    Here are his post surgery numbers in the 31 games including the playoffs


    Did the Raptors get taken on this deal?
    I guess we will have to wait until 10-11 to see how his wrist holds up.
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