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    It could make financial sense for the teachers fund to sell the raptors. If you think about it, the only goal of the teachers pension fund is to earn the maximum return for now and in the future for the fund. Obviously the group would never sell the leafs because the earnings from the team are indefinetly gaurenteed and enormous every year. Even a one time sale of the team for a astronomical amount wouldn't make sense because it's conceivable that the earnings could continue for hundreds of years. The raptors however are not so bullet proof because they don't have the same history and fan base. IMO the only circumstance that I could see Mlse and the teachers pension selling the raptors, would be if they had an opportunity to obtain another NHL franchise in Toronto. The massive hockey market in the gta would be more than enough to healthily support an NHL team and they wouldn't steal fans from the leafs, it would be the raptors, the jays, and Toronto fc. The NHL is by far the most profitable sport in Canada especially Toronto and mlse couldn't having the second NHL team eating into raptor profits. The only way they could do it, is if they think it would make long term sense to sell the other two franchises in order to pay the enormous price tag the NHL would demand for a 2nd team in Toronto. Sounds crazy but owning two hockey teams in the biggest market in Ontario would create an incredible rivalvry and the profits would be ridiculous. Focusing on hockey could be in the best long term interest of the teachers fund but it could possibly come at the expense of an NBA team in Toronto or at least the end of the raptors. To answer the question, I would cheer for okc no question about it. Miami /OKC rivalry?
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