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Thread: Media Told Not To Touch Delonte/Bron's Momma Fling

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    Default Media Told Not To Touch Delonte/Bron's Momma Fling

    Back in May, there were rumors surfacing that claimed Gloria James, LeBronís mother was doing the hokey pokey with James teammate Delonte West during the playoffs.
    As hot as the rumors started, they stopped and nothing else was said again, just about anywhere, TV, newspapers, magazines, or on internet news outlets.
    ESPN did not cover the story at all
    They have once again been told not to bring it up on tonightís LeBron announcement special on ESPN
    When the story first broke in May, Terez Owens, a DJ on The Sportswire on ESPN radio, received a cease and desist order from LeBrons lawyer trying to squash the story.
    Source: Player Press

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    Must be true then.

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    What's the matter Lebron? you wanted to become a media hor and to be in the news 24/7 so you reaped what you sow.

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