From his website:

"As you all know, in the past few days there have been negotiations for my transfer to another NBA franchise, from here I want to thank all of the Raptors fans who have sent me messages of support to my site and I have wished me luck. For some reason or another, the transfer has not taken place and I am still in Toronto. I just want to say, that as I have done in the history of my career, I will respect the rules and accept decisions that are part of this game, both on and off the court. However, I do not want to sound like I want to leave Toronto. On the contrary, I have spent five years in this city, I consider myself as one of its citizens and fans of the Raptors. I am also the most veteran player on this team, and although Chris is gone, my dream was to lead a new project to take us to the playoffs, that's what I've been training for weeks and getting ready for next season. In any case, whatever happens, I can tell everyone that this goal remains intact and that with the right chemistry in the locker room and with the fans, we can achieve this goal.

Thanks for your support."