Eventhough I haven't been around online that much over the weekend, what I have noticed since our recent little winning streak is the overall Raptors participation on various message boards and blogs. Activity is down considerably. Some places are like ghost town's compared to when the Raptors are looking like the Washington Generals (or should I say the New Jersey Nets of 2009-10) and playing miserable.

And what I've come to realize is that Raptors fans seem that they'd prefer when this team is down, because when they're doing well productivity is down ten fold. Perhaps being crap gives fans more reason to comment and criticize instead of being happy and discussing about the good things this team has done to get of out this recent funk or even during similar moments in the past.

So, are some fans just happier when the team is down and out and live for those days so they can say "I told you so" or am I off base with this observation? Do people like change that much that if a team does poorly they hope that it will results in firings and trades? Why is this?