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    I'm pretty sure that Bryan Colangelo thought when he got the Raptors GM job that he`d implement run-n-gun strategy in Toronto via his European connections and have in Bosh a a Stoudemire type role.

    Most Euros shoot well, are supposed to be no drama, and can`t really play NBA caliber man-on-man D (which is perfect for a Phoenix-like team). He had the number one pick and drafted AB - a player who was supposed to be the next Nowitzki.

    It should have been a relatively good idea except that BC and MG underestimated Nash and his importance to that style offense. Also, Bosh was no Stoudemire but rather preferred to run a half-court offense ISOs for himself (aka Ball Stopper). And finally, AB turned out to be a slightly better version of Vlad Radmanovic.

    So here we are; got rid of Bosh and trying to implement another run-gun-team with more athletic players who should be able to handle their own man one-on-one.

    As I see it, we definitely need to get a tough center that can lessen the load and play AB at PF sometimes.

    We also need to get rid of Calderon and grab an SF to handle share time with Kleiza. Obviously, if we have`t yet gotten a good PG like Collison, it means there aren`t any good deals out there.

    I`m pretty sure that whoever we receive in a potential trade will be worse than Chandler and Diaw (see Fred jones). Calderon is just mediocre on the fast break and isn`t a good enough defender in the half-court and Brown knew that.

    Or we could go a different route and grab Cheikh Samb who was tearing it up in Vegas the last game and just play Marcus Banks hoping we can make a trade if a team wants to cut salary or we can draft a future PG with the multiple 1st rounders we have.
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