So it looks like the ultimate combo in the NBA is assembled. The supposed conspiracy of Wade and Lebron.....oh-ya, sorry, I forgot, uhh, and also Bosh wanted to assemble the dream team since the 2008 Beijing Games.

Everyone is crying a-foul to this turn of events while the Raps rally to regroup and rebuild our true team core with Bargs, Ed Davis, and the Young Gunz.

So everybody is harping on Bosh being a sissy-boy and joining the super-team as a whore who clings on the legs of Wade and Lebron. Also you are probably dissing on Bosh about his senseless Twittering and retarded final press conference comments + his face injury and reluctance to stick with the Raps bench during the 2010 meltdown. I too had those feeling against Bosh, but I do not blame Bosh that much.

Bryan Colangelo had kinda screwed up Bosh by not using our 1st pick to Give Bosh the best wing/2-guard of the 2006 draft, and then so on. That is not what I am pointing out in this thread now.

My actual main beef with the Miami Heat is when Lebron decided to join the Heat on that retarded ESPN telecast. The fake-hype of ESPN, Lebron's douche-osity, the way that the entire city of Cleveland had to suffer and be teased at by Lebron, and from the way Lebron quit in the 2010-semis made me really mad on how classless Lebron made his NBA free agency into. Also, whenever I see him do any charity work, he just doesn't seem to show that appreciation and bonding to the fans that love him comparing to any of the other players (Ray Allen, KG, Wade, Tim Duncan, Grant Hill, Steve Nash, Bosh, Billups, Amir Johnson, etc.), he just goes about like a douche-with-shades and drives off in his Lamborghini or Ferrari.

I would handle the fact that only Bosh and Wade teamed up to fight for a championship, due to the fact that BCo pissed away the chance that it could of been Bosh and B.Roy in 2006. I feel for Bosh that our GM failed to build the RIGHT people to make our team deep playoff contenders and fell into that stupid Euro-addiction and the JO Trade+Turk. Bosh and Wade would be a bold enough message to BCo that he screwed up and Toronto will pay for it. I thought Lebron would join Chicago and make the big Eastern Conference cities into very good playoff teams.

Now Lebron joins the Heat and I believe he tainted the talent integrity of the NBA. Lebron has that gleeful impression that he enjoyed screwing 3 cities with his free agent cock-tease (Chicago, Cleveland, & NY(haha) ).

For us Raptor fans, we knew Bosh will leave because we got tired of his tweets, that Mikki Moore hair that he never should of grown, his 15 second shot clock consumptions, unconvincing leadership, not openly promoting team unity, and his weak sauce post game. Bosh probably got tired of our over analysis of his game and our booing in the ACC. It was a process of our GM and coaching failing him, the losing, the weak 1st round exits, and a relationship of us fans and him ending.

At the end of all this, I don't hate Bosh at all for his decision to leave our team. I wouldn't of booed him if he came back to the ACC, but since Lebron is on that team, Bosh is tainted with Lebron's stench, so I'm gonna boo Bosh only because the uniform he wears has lost it's honor.

I do not want Wade and Bosh to fail, I only want Lebron to fail.