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Thread: Proposal: Detroit/Dallas/Toronto

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    Default Proposal: Detroit/Dallas/Toronto

    This trade assumes Matt Barnes does not end up in a Raptors uni (and given complications, that may be true). It also cannot happen until mid-September.

    Toronto Trades: Jose Calderon
    Dallas Trades: Caron Butler, Alexis Ajinca
    Detroit Trades: Richard Hamilton

    Toronto Receives: Caron Butler

    PG: Jack/Barbosa/Banks
    SG: DeRozan/Weems/Belinelli
    SF: Butler/Kleiza
    PF: Johnson/Davis/Evans/Dorsey
    C: Bargs/Alabi

    We still have a whole at back-up C (unless you really believe in Alabi). The trade lessens the offensive load on DeRozan and Bargnani and improves our overall defense. Butler is capable of being a 20ppg scorer if necessary and, when playing the Princeton offense, is a capable passer as well. He's not a very good 3-point shooter though...

    Detroit Receives: Jose Calderon, Alexis Ajinca

    Detroit needs a pass-first SG like no other. They already have a glut in the back-court and they're playing a combo guard as their starting PG - something that doesn't work quite well with Ben Gordon needing his touches. Jose comes in and distributes the ball giving everyone their touches, and he can keep the defense honest with his own shot. Ajinca has a team option for the following season and is basically a throw-in, but gives them one more big body at a small contract.

    Dallas Receives: Richard Hamilton

    Everyone and their mother knows that Dallas needs a starting SG. Adding the veteran Hamilton gives them someone who can actually defend opposing SG while still being a formidable offensive option. The contract isn't exactly attractive but Mark Cuban has shown he's willing to spend to improve. This basically means Dallas won't have to start a PG or SF at the SG position anymore! Yay!

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    I like this trade. Ajinca would not need to be included to make it work (according to ESPN trade machine). However, if DET wanted a big TOR could also throw in Dwyane Jones instead. You are correct in saying this solves each team perceived weakness. Plus Butler's contract is expiring which is a bonus for TOR: motivated for one more contract and TOR doesn't have to give it to him.

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    I dont know if dallas wants to leave caron butler yet, but hamilton is very nice, it could work, i think a pick would have to be thrown at dallas to get this to work

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