So it looks like Chris Bosh and company are starting to put out the fire. Since their team meeting in Washington they appear to be taking a step in the right direction. That's great, as I don't particularly enjoy seeing this soft team lose on a consistent basis, but even if it continues and they reach a couple games above .500 for the season does that prove to Colangelo, Triano and Bosh that what is on paper can be a winner? Does it prove that Bosh and Bargnani can be on the court at the same time during meaningful moments in the game and come out successful against strong opponents? I'm not so sure anymore. I mean Reggie was brought in to help remedy this obvious weakness, he hasn't played yet and so we don't know for sure how he's going to change games to the point that it means more wins... Even so, he can't be on the court at the same time with Bosh and Bargnani and so his toughness and rebounding comes at a price. Yahoo said it well today:

The Raptors, I think, are learning that Andrea Bargnani(notes) is exactly the wrong type of player to pair with Chris Bosh(notes). Both of those guys need to be paired with an old-school banger on both ends of the court. Together, they make the team too soft on defense and too one-dimensional on offense. Not sure how they fix it, other than to suggest that they replace Bosh because Bosh signing elsewhere is inevitable at this point with a more physical presence and stop pretending that Bargnani is a center.

So let's say Bosh wants to stay. Do the Raptors keep Bargnani and keep moving forward, hoping that it works? If Bargnani were to be moved I think it goes without saying that a tough interior presence would need to be coming back. If Bosh does not want to stay then I think they need to get a tough center coming back with a high skilled player.

What do you all think? Can Bosh and Bargnani, on the court at the same time, be a winner? If not do the Raptors ignore it or do they make a move this season or wait for the summer? What do you expect in return for a guy like Bosh or a guy like Bargnani? If I'm missing something please do tell.