OK, before anyone gets all up in arms and thinks this is another "lets fire Jay" thread, I'm not suggesting that at all. Its more about "what if?" instead.

My old buddy LX from RaptorsForum brought up a good point in his most recent blog suggesting that Williams might be a suitable interim coach if the team decided to part ways with Jay. Apparently his speech with the players last week got through to them so perhaps he could be considered a suitable replacement. Or, would the lack of coaching experience be something that he would struggle with at the professional level?


The problem was with Triano’s sense of reality and how he tried to communicate problems away instead of attacking them head on. It took a passionate speech from Alvin Williams, apparently, to allow reality to have a bearing again. And if they lose more than three again, I wouldn’t argue against him being made the interim head coach. I think Triano might be okay from here on in though, and if he can capitalize on the accelerated learning curve of Derozan, and the balanced approach to his rotations, by demanding that mere reality be constantly imposed upon the team’s sensibilities, then they’ll make some jump in the standings in a hurry. Golly, I still want to believe.
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