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I like the direction we are going in. I've said it from the start of F/A that this was now Bryans team, I don't even believe he really tried to push Chris to resign but rather just said it to please people over! I want MLSE to give him a 2 or 3 years on his contract, at most. He has the chance to whip it into something good.

The problem I do have however, is this issue with 'tank' or 'no tank.' For me this stands with MLSE as a whole, BB won't do it with the Leafs, and I think that team is doomed and now BC won't do it with the Raps. We have a great young core. DD can grow to be a great franchise, Weems will be a great Role player, ED could be a great starting PF big man. But we should consider tanking going for a good PG in the draft, and maybe picking up a 2nd rounder from someone. It's time to watch a young team on the floor and draft good young players.

No more building off the fly, the future lies within:

Role players include but are not subject to:
Your first few lines started to make some sense then you went completely offbase with the tank bs. Only losers tank on purpose. That is only for pussies who cannot actually build a team of guys that want to win. There is no place for tanking in any sport professional or otherwise and if I thought it was being done on purpose I would stop going to games and stop watching games. It's no different than game fixing for money. Also you missed Bargnani in the future of this team