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LOL, Colangelo is quite the character.

First, I don't think Bosh owed Colangelo any notification. GM's don't inform players that they are going to be traded until it's time so if you think he conned him and should have informed him of his intentions, maybe he didn't know what his intentions were at the time or unaware of all the possibilities that existed. Regardless, he doesn't owe Colangelo squat.
I'm not saying he owed him anything. But after playing 7 years for a franchise there's something to be said for giving each other a fair deal. It's clear now that Bosh never intended to re-sign and he should have communicated that to BC, not because we would've gotten a whole lot more in exchange, but at least the franchise wouldn't have wasted a full year.

Look, I get it, he doesn't have to say anything to BC and it's in his right to withhold any such information, but just as BC showed him the courtesy of giving input in free-agent/trade/franchise decisions (which he didn't have to do), Bosh should have reciprocated.

You're making it sound like I'm defending Colangelo for screwing the pooch here, I'm not, just saying he could've used some help.